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Letters of Appreciation

June 5th 2015


Paul & Judith,


I just want to Thank you for settling my case. A am very pleased with the result. Judith is very powerful and efficient. She had worked out a bargain settlement even before I arrived (at) the court. Please let me know if I can do anything like writing a recommendation.




March 27th 2015


Judy & Paul,


Thanks again for a job well done - Hope we avoid further litigation - If I need a good lawyer - I know where to find an excellent one!


Many Thanks,


January 26th 2013


Dear Paul,


I have owned rental propertu for the past 2- years and I have always complied with silly whims of the building inspectors. Last April I decided to fight and stand up for my rights. My famous words became "I want a trial." or "Take me to court." A personal friend who is a practicing attorney told me I was crazy. I found your web site while researching the laws and I sent you an e-mail.


Your advice was amazing and in a most timely manner. You said file a notice of claim. I filed a notice of claim the next day 89 of the statute of limitations had passed. Remember the first judge recused himself. Judge number two sat on the bench. Before the trial began, thje prosecuting attorney approched the bench to discuss a point with the judge. The judge announced in a clear voice, "I made the decision in this case and I will not change my mind."


Yes the decioson was clear. I was not guilty, I did not break any law. I should have not have been arrested.


I might add, I had a speeding ticket and had to appear in court two days later for the speeding ticket. Yes I was guilty as I have a very heavy foot. I am notorious for speeding. Verdict My speed was not excessive, I had a fantastic driving record and that case id over again Not Guilty.


I have just compleated my written summary for a case in North Tonawanda. I expect to win this one also. I will e mail my summary when polished.


You gave me the most incredible advice. You should file a notice of claim. They are afraid of being sued. They know they are wrong. They are too lazy to do the work associated with the job. Judges don't want to sign warrens. The building inspectors don't want to ask for a warren to inspect property and lawyers charge more than the fine levied for a guilty plea. Result we pay and pay as a part of doing business. We all must stand up for ourselves. Thank You Paul and everyone on your staff."




December 20th 2011


Dear Paul,


I would like to just write this letter to thank you and all the folks at the Coalition for all the work and help you gave me on my case. I must admit, at first I was having second thoughts about joining the Coalition and fighting against the Town. You know the old saying "You can't fight City Hall". But we fought City Hall and we won. After losing in the County Court I was discouraged and ready to giver in and accept that my property was now open to full warrantless inspections from out Government. I am now thankful that you convinced me to keep up the fight , and it was as you said "the battles are won in the appellant courts". We appealed and we won.


Once a member of the Coalition I felt empowered to take back my property rights. I know od no other Attorneys or Orginization that so thoroughly fights back against the miscarriage of justice that is currently running rampant in Brookhaven and many other towns across Long Island. To think, all I was doing was trying to obtain a C/O for a swimming pool and it turned into such a mess. It is a sad state of affairs in this Town and in the Great Country. I am inspired by the Coalition and I hope that it truly changes the way these local governments do business. Please keep up the fight. Thank you.




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