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The price of liberty is eternal vigilance

Do you need help during the moratorium staying evictions? 


Do you need help in collecting your rent or having the premises vacated during the moratorium staying evictions?

We maybe able to help


Welcome, and thank you for visiting COLHM online. The Coalition is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and advancing the principles of a free and democratic society. Our concerns extend to constitutional government, personal liberties, private property, and individual responsibility. We sincerely have committed ourselves to being ever vigilant and watchful.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide assistance to Landlords, Merchants and residential property owners so to aid in their defense of alleged violations of housing standards, ordinances, and statutes, and to provide a registry of legal counsel in support of the same who can further assist in the acquisition, transfer and foreclosure of real property as well as anything incidental and in furtherance of the above to help our members.

We provide assistance in Landlord/Tenant disputes.
  • Evictions

  • IRS Disputes and other governmental agency disputes

  • Municipalities conditioning permits based on inspections of property

  • Housing Code Violations

  • Municipalities trespassing on private property

  • Property rights issues

  • Summonses/ Tickets 

  • Civil rights and or constitutional violations

  • And more..

A Message From The President Of  "The Coalition"



I am Paul Palmieri, founder and President of The Coalition of Landlords, Homeowners & Merchants, Inc., an organization formed for the vigorous defense of property rights. We believe, as our forefathers believed, that property rights form the basis of all other rights. I invite you to contact our organization regarding any property rights issues you may have and strongly urge you to consider becoming a “supporting member,” “associate member” or “regular member” of our organization. Your membership fees will do more than simply aid us in continuing our efforts in defense of property rights. As a member in good standing, you will receive our newspaper Freedom & Property, newsletters and will be kept informed of such issues as fair housing, rental registration, personal liberties, private property, constitutional rights and ongoing Coalition litigation. You will also be invited to attend our general meetings, meet with our members, and to listen to speakers who will inform you of your rights and warn you of attempts to restrict them. As a full member, you will be entitled to additional benefits to aid you in the defense of your property rights. Our staff counsel defends town and village ordinance violations cases and other areas of property rights. The Coalition is also associated with many attorneys who share our views and provide our members with additional tools for obtaining justice. By joining us in our fight, you will not only benefit from our considerable expertise in this area – you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you took a stand to protect the very rights our forefathers fought and died for. For detailed information on all membership benefits and rates, please contact me. I look forward to meeting you personally in order to discuss whatever property rights issues you may have.



Paul Palmieri

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